Ceramic resonators substrates and filters

TEM mode coaxial ceramic resonators and blocks

Ceramic coaxial resonators with high Q and very good temperature stability are perfectly suitable for oscillators and as elements of filters, bandpass, bandstop (notch) and duplexers typically. Coaxial resonators are manufactured as quarter wave or half wave and as multiresonator blocks.

Coaxial resonators Coaxial blocks

Silver coating ensures excellent Q, good solderability and adhesion. Resonators are tuned to specified frequency with a choice of tolerances and can be supplied with various types of connecting tabs or without tabs.

Coaxial resonator Tabs: type A, B, C

Coaxial resonators are available over a frequency range of 400 MHz to 6 GHz with square or circular cross section and choice of permittivity: 11, 20 and 37. Larger resonators can provide greater Q, smaller resonators can be used at higher frequencies.

Material   E-37 E-20 E-11
Frequency range GHz 0.4 ... 4 1.5 ... 5 3 ... 6
Frequency tolerances % 0.2 ... 1 0.2 ... 1 0.2 ... 1
Outer profile D (mm) 4 ... 18 4, 6 4
Length L (mm) 4 ... 30 3 ... 14 3 ... 8

  • Resonators of custom size, frequencies and tolerances can be produced in short terms
  • Several types of connecting pins are available
  • Frequency tolerance limits and Q are tested for each resonator
  • Development kits with exact frequency scale are offered
  • Samples can be requested for prototype testing