Ceramic resonators substrates and filters

Dielectric resonators

Ceramic dielectric resonators are an attractive, low cost alternative to metallic resonant cavities where they have the advantage of small size without reduction in performance.

Cylindrical Dielectric Resonators Rectangular Dielectric Resonators Special Dielectric Resonators Special Dielectric Resonators

The discontinuity of the permittivity at the resonator surface allows a standing electromagnetic wave to be supported in its interior. High relative permittivity ceramics with high Q and controllable temperature coefficient can be manufactured at low cost and offer new design opportunities for microwave engineers.

T-Ceram measures dielectric (puck) resonators in 5 types of cavities. Download a file here: Cavities

Dielectric resonator

Material   E-37 E-20
Frequency Range GHz 0.9 ... 18 1.8 ... 24
Frequency tolerances % 0.2 ... 1 0.2 ... 1
Unloaded Q-factor at 10 GHz Q0 > 4 800 > 5 000
Temperature Coefficient TCf (ppm K-1) 0 (2) 0 (2)
Outer diammeter D (mm) 3 ... 60 3 ... 60
Height h (mm) 1 ... 30 1 ... 30
  • Standard production types are cylinders with rate h/D = 0.4
  • Resonators of custom diameters, height, and tolerances can be produced in short terms
  • Frequency tolerance limits and Q are tested for each resonator
  • Development kits with exact frequency scale are offered
  • Samples can be requested for prototype testing